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We are a young and innovative company that offers you a fresh outlook on compliance.

Compliance Solutions for Your RTO

We are a young and innovative company that offers you a fresh outlook on compliance.

At Alchemy VET Consultants we focus on solutions and results not problems. Compliance can be very challenging, especially, if you are new to the VET sector or if you are a business minded person who just wants to focus on the operations to ensure you can sustain your RTO and generate your desired profits. Fair enough, let us handle compliance for your RTO so that you can focus on whatever your goals are. We will be there for you when you need us, whether it is the night before the audit or the day of the audit. It is never too late to make those minor changes not only to deal with the problems you have today but also the problems you will most likely have in the future.

We may not be the most experienced players in the game but we sure are the wild cards that assure you a win. We may not always have a readymade solution for you but remember a custom fit suit always fits better. Every RTO, every owner, every team, their goals and objectives are all different. It is unfair to use a one size fits all strategy in our industry. 

With you we grow! Seeing our clients happy with the outcome of their audit and the services we provided is all the satisfaction we need.

Initial RTO/CRICOS Registration
Audit Participation
Ongoing Compliance support and RTO Management
Resource Validation and Development
Queensland State Funding – Skills Assure Suppliers VET Investment Programs
CRICOS Support
Addition to Scope
Audit Rectification
Applications Approved

Our Mission

Help RTOs understand and like compliance by not forcing processes but aligning compliance strategies with their business goals.

Our Vision

To become the go-to consultancy for RTOs for all things compliance.

Our Promise

We will always provide you with honest, reliable and upfront advice. We will keep your best interests at heart and your goals in mind when making recommendations. We will provide you with top quality advisory services and quality assured assessment tools and learning materials.


If you have the vision to become an RTO/CRICOS provider, we will show you the way.

Almost half of all applications get rejected or withdrawn. We guide you through the stringent process of Initial Registration with our range of packages and work with you until you become an RTO and after so that you can run it successfully.

Future is brighter when you’re more prepared

We help you proactively work on your RTO compliance to give you peace of mind and so that your business is not in jeopardy.

01We give you truly independent and reliable advice

We provide you with all the knowledge we have gained through our experiences. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority and we go above and beyond for them. We don’t just say that, read our testimonials.

02Compliance solutions based on your RTO goals

We help you build systems and processes that help your business grow without making compliance a cumbersome task. Compliance is not our only focus. We work with you to achieve your goals and objectives.

03We make RTO Compliance affordable

Managing compliance does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. We are upfront with our pricing which is extremely competitive.


Focus on your operations and grow your business

We will help you in picking out the best compliance strategy for your RTO that works towards your goals. We will provide you with easy to implement solutions to take the immense stress of compliance away from your shoulders.
We engaged Anu back in 2017 and he is an integral part of the team. We highly recommend his new venture Alchemy VET Consultants are happy to engage them for our compliance needs on a regular basis. The package he has designed for us is excellent covering all our needs within a very cost-effective budget. Over the years, he has participated in several internal and external audits including state funding audits. His knowledge about SAS requirements is commendable especially in relation to RPL which has been a challenge. He is involved in ongoing validations, resource development and quality assurance for us. We know that we can rely on him and his team at Alchemy and so can you.
Rajat Saraswat, DirectorStep Into Training Services
Anu has been a part of Stark since the beginning. We used his services from our initial audit, post initial audit and till date. From resource development & validation to regular internal audits and providing coaching to our trainers and assessors he has been a part of everything. Their work with our Security course and the trainers was extremely helpful. Our experience with Anu and the team has far achieved our expectations and we highly recommend Alchemy VET Consultants for all your compliance needs.
Rati Banga, CEOStark Institute
We found Alchemy VET Consultants to be highly professional and thorough. Anu is knowledgeable and a thorough audit consultant. It was a pleasure dealing with him. The internal audit was smooth and very thorough without rushing. We were provided with a comprehensive and clear report reflecting an organisation that Is genuinely interested in ensuring 100% compliance for the RTO whilst keeping our goals and expectations in mind. No shortcuts, just a really professional audit with easy-to-follow suggestions to improve the RTO performance. Highly recommended.
Tina Gulati, CEOKAL Training

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