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Initial RTO | CRICOS | ELICOS Registration

We will work with you throughout the initial registration process. We have a quick turnaround and response time, thanks to our network. We will have the right people on the job for you in no time and get that application submitted correctly and quickly.

We provide you with support as and when you need it. Whether you are someone who is experienced in the sector and wants to prepare the application on your own but need guidance and review to ensure everything is in order or a new entrant to the industry and want us to do the heavy lifting for you and coach you to hit the ground running upon registration, we have the right package for you. We do not use a one-size-fits-all policy and customise our packages according to your requirements.

Audit Preparation, Participation and Rectifications

Audits can be scary and daunting for some. Be prepared, know you are compliant and get ready for an audit with our assistance by implementing an action plan including audit coaching and support on the day of the audit.

We can assist you by helping you be prepared for or participating in regulatory audits of all kinds:

  • Initial Registration Audit
  • Re-registration Audits
  • Monitoring and compliance audits
  • DESBT SAS Audits
  • Skills First Program Audit

Internal Audits

Our internal audit services for your RTO will provide you with a detailed report on your RTOs position of compliance against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and for CRICOS providers also the National Code 2018. We do not just provide you with a report of non-compliance; we work with you to rectify the identified issues and implement strategies to ensure you stay compliant.

We offer options for Full or Targeted Site and Desktop audits. Contact us to discuss your initial audit requirements and get a quote. 

Audit Rectifications

Whether you were unprepared, missed a non-compliance, were unable to explain your delivery strategy and resource implementation to the auditor, or the auditor just made a subjective interpretation, you will need to go through the rectification process to avoid serious consequences from the non-compliances identified. Irrespective of your situation, if you are suspended or are required to provide further evidence, you will need assistance in responding to non-compliances identified in a regulatory audit. 

We can help your RTO in evidence preparation and collection to respond to the identified non-compliance and assist you in implementing systems to ensure you remain compliant. We will start by analysing and reviewing the audit report and the evidence submitted at the audit. We will then present you with options for rectifications which could include reassessment of students, redevelopment of learning and assessment material or other documentation. We will assist you in rectifying the non-compliances, developing and organising the evidence, and submitting it to the regulator accompanied by a written response. Where requested by the auditor, we will further participate in regulatory meetings to ensure you get a clean chit.


Ongoing Compliance Packages

Being compliant is the essential building block of every RTO. Robust compliance is achievable and can be stress-free with the right tools and systems in place. We can provide you with ongoing consulting support with the compliance and operations of your RTO. We can assist you with all your needs, including full and targeted internal audits, continuous validation, funding applications, state funding compliance, reporting requirements, addition to scope, CRICOS support. With our ongoing guidance and consulting, you will have yourself in a more comfortable and confident position to deal with regulatory activities and not worry about the severe consequences of non-compliance. No question and no task is too big or too small for our regular clients, and we will be there to help you. From extensions to scope, professional development, and system reviews, we got you covered when you want to grow. 

As part of our ongoing packages, we will conduct three (3) Health Checks as follows to ensure your RTO maintains its standards of compliance and you are prepared for any regulatory activity that comes your way:

  • Standard 1 – Training and Assessment
  • Standards 2, 7 & 8 – Systems and Processes
  • Standards 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Marketing, enrolments and student files

Resource Validation and Development

Leave it with us to validate your assessments and complete your validation plan. We review and make recommendations to ensure compliance. We can also develop and/or customise resources for you. We will always provide you with the best and most honest advice on your resources. Fixing your existing resources can often end up being more expensive than purchasing new ones. Do not waste your money on buying resources just because their initial cost is cheaper or the provider’s name pops up everywhere. Let us review the samples and provide you with recommendations on the best developers in the market for your specific training package requirements. We will provide you with a report on why a particular provider is more suitable for you and identify significant non-compliance issues, if any, that may cost significantly more to fix.

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Queensland State Funding – Skills Assure Suppliers VET Investment Programs

We specialise in DESBT Skills Assure Suppliers funding programs, including User Choice and VET Investment Programs (Certificate III Guarantee and Higher Level Skills) compliance. We can help you with the challenges associated with the Skills Assure Supplier Audit Evidence Requirements, especially Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Regular compliance audits and health checks are conducted by DESBT (The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training) against the departmental funding programs, including User Choice and VET Investment Programs (Certificate III Guarantee and Higher Level Skills) to ensure Skills Assure Suppliers meet the requirements of the supplier agreement. 

As a Skills Assure Supplier, your additional compliance obligations include:

  • maintain compliance by establishing and implementing controls
  • maintain and prepare any audit evidence requested by DESBT
  • for the purpose of conducting an audit and/or confirming compliance provide the department and its auditors with access to all requested information

We will support you in meeting your obligations by implementing control systems, conducting sample audits throughout the year and assisting your RTO in addressing compliance and SAS audit evidence requirements.

Addition to Scope

If you are looking at adding new training products to your scope, we can help you get your application ready or guide you through the process so that you can add the required qualifications, units of competency or accredited courses to your organisation’s scope of registration. 

We can assist you with:

  • Self-assessment for RTO change of scope
  • Financial Viability Risk Assessment Tool
  • Training and Assessment strategies development and/or review
  • Reviewing your trainer files and assessing the resources and equipment required to deliver training
  • Procuring, providing, developing and/or validating training and assessment materials
  • Developing marketing content
  • Audit preparation, if triggered by the add to scope application

RTO Due Diligence | Change of ownership

When you are buying an RTO, you will trigger a change of ownership event and will be scrutinised by ASQA to ensure you:

  • are prepared appropriately for delivering courses
  • will continue to have sufficient resources to provide quality training outcomes
  • are compliant with regulatory requirements, including Fit and Proper Person requirements

We will provide you with consulting support and conduct an internal audit against Standards for RTOs 2015. You will be provided with an audit report including other considerations such as the RTO’s compliance history, the scope of registration, students (including those under 18 years) and students records to assist you in your decision to buy the RTO. We will also assist you in submitting the material change notification in accordance with the ASQA RTO change of ownership requirements. The service will include assistance with mandatory evidentiary requirements demonstrating you meet Fit and Proper Person and FVRA requirements, completing the self-assessment tool to assess your compliance and submitting the notification within the required timeframes. We will also work with you to ensure you are aware of your obligations under the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Quality Framework requirements, and ASQA the national regulator.

Getting the right advice is very important before you make a significant investment in buying an RTO. Get in touch today and let us handle your due diligence to help you purchase the right training business.